Use these as a fun fashion statement or as a test run for a real tattoo. These intricate temporary tattoos apply easily with water, generally last 1-3 days, and can be removed with a washcloth and warm water. 


Included in pack: floral anatomical heart, small blooms, peony blooms, Medusa, flowers with eyes.


Care Suggestions for Longer Lasting Tattoos:

  • You can shower with your tattoo, but it is best to avoid getting hot/warm water and/or soap on your temporary tattoo
  • More active areas of the body will result in a shorter lasting tattoo (i.e. wrist or hand). Longer lasting areas include ankles, shoulders, and the inside of your upper arm.
  • Avoid wearing fuzzy clothes or tight clothing over your temporary tattoo.

Floral Temporary Tattoo Pack (5 pieces)

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